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4M Virtual Services and Online Business Solutions provides quality virtual services and solutions to Online Business Entrepreneurs worldwide. We make sure that we give the best that we have to our clients where professionalism and promptness is always a must when we deal with them. We continue to grow and improve to give you that distinct quality service your business needs.

About the Owner and the Story Behind the Business

Engr. Ramon Jose Garcia, TechIOSH, or “Mon” is a licensed Geodetic Engineer who graduated from University of the Philippines, Diliman. He practiced as a Private Land Surveyor for Several years where he succeeded, yet encountered lots of challenges. He decided to shift to a safer career due to unwanted threats. He took training in International Occupational Safety and Health, took Board Exams, and passed them with flying colors. He found his new passion and eventually became an excellent trainer himself as well as an ardent Health and Safety Advocate. But as the pandemic – COVID19 started to spread, face to face training were prohibited in the country. Because of this, he was again led to another path. Safe within his peaceful home, he is now taking courses in Freelancing in the online community, hopefully to become a successful web developer. He is very thankful to the very sincere and brilliant people behind his success in his new career.

Because of his newly found career, he now has more time with his lovely wife Monina (who is also taking up online courses for Freelance Virtual Assistance) and his adorable daughters Monica and Monique.

About the logo: 4M is as simple as it is – a number and a letter. A square – which has 4 equal sides, precise on each corner with 90 degree angles. 4M or 4 M’s is the combination of the first letter of our names (Mon, Monina, Monica, and Monique). And blue? Its his favorite color.

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